CEO & Co-founder
  • Loves cult movies—especially John Waters.
  • YouTube junkie. (Faves: kitten & police-tasering videos.)
  • Literature major—but digs trashy sci-fi & horror over classics.

Michael Horton earned his stripes as a private banking executive, managing the delivery of elite client services and customized accounting systems tailored to niche industries—all with an eye on the bottom line. Michael then followed his passions for technology and business success into the online/interactive space, co-founding SMBLZ in 1999.

Since that time, Michael has guided a talented and diverse international team to create and implement transformative online marketing strategies and digital advertising campaigns for global brands such as Vodafone, Tesco, GE Money Bank, and Google.

When not working, Michael can usually be found indulging sideline passions for sushi and movies—often at the same time.

Michael has a BA (cum laude) in English literature from UCLA.

EVP & Co-founder
  • Spends 98.7% of typical day online.
  • Hurricane chaser.
  • Health & fitness fanatic.
  • Cruel disciplinarian.

Josh Morgerman’s professional experiences have emphasized a broad mixture of creative services and user-experience design, along with an overarching focus on customer satisfaction—values he took with him upon co-founding SMBLZ in 1999.

Josh’s diverse background includes executive positions in film production and magazine publishing, as well as management of large-scale interactive projects for Fortune 500 companies such as United Airlines, GE Capital Mortgage Services Corporation, The Walt Disney Company, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Vodafone (in multiple countries).

An admitted social-media junkie who spends way too much of his day in online forums and on Facebook, Josh digs elegant information design, lean-and-mean Facebook apps, and his biggest passion of all—cracking the secret code of high-octane brands.

Outside of SMBLZ, Josh is a hardcore hurricane chaser with a large portfolio of dangerous conquests across Mexico and the American Gulf Coast.

Josh has a BA (cum laude) from Harvard University with a concentration in History.